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M. Richter

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Das Gestörte Glück, or The disconsolate
A celebrated Swiss air with the Rans des vaches as introduction
The symphonies composed and respectfully dedicated to Miss Fanny Cooper of Cooperstown by M. Richter

Philadlephia. Published by Klemm & Brother No. 287 Market St.

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Du wirt mirs ja nit ubel neh ma
Wenn i nit meh zu di kom ma
Denn du weisst ja all zu wohl
Wa rum i nit meh kom ma soll A-
Denn du weist ja all zu wohl
Wa rum i nit meh kom ma soll

Bei meinem Eid! i han di lieb g'hat
Han dies oft g'sagt dass di lieb ha
Doch du weisst ja allzuwohl
Warum di nit meh lieg soll

Den schonen Strauss, i hab ihn g'funden
Hab ihn g'pluckt und hab ihn g'bunden
Duch du wisst ja allzuwohl
Wer den Strauss nun have soll

O hatt is nur verschlafe konne
Doch i kanns nit, thust mirs lahma
Denn du wiesst ja allzuwohl
Warum i nit meh schlafe soll.

Thou wilt forgive thou wilt not blame me
Tho' Ive ceas'd to claim thee
For thous know'st alas too well
Why from my plighted vows I fell A-
For thou knowst alas too well
Why from my plighted vows I fell

By all the glowing orbs above thee
I truly lov'd and still do love thee
But too well thou know'st too well
That feeling now my soul must quell.

The fairy garland I wove for thee
Never may be conferr'd by me
For too well thou know'st whose brow
Will wear the flow'ry token now

And since 'tis thus, I would forget thee
But those eyer! they will not let me
Rest forsakes me well, too well
Thou, lovely maid, the cause canst tell!


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