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Nora Creina


John Stevenson

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New & Improved Edition of Nora Creina or Lesbia Hath a Beaming Eye
Written by Thos. Moore Esqr.
Composed by Sir J. Stevenson

New York. Published by Bourne Depository of Arts 359 Broadway

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Lesbia hath a beaming eye
But know one knows for whom it beameth
Right and left it's arrows fly
But what they aim at no one dreameth
Sweeter 'tis to gaze upon
My Nora's lid, that seldom rises
Few her looks, but every one
Like an unexpected look, surprises
Oh, my Nora Creina dear
My gentle bashful Nora Creina
Beauty lies in many eyes
But love in yours my Nora Creina

Lesbia wears a robe of gold
But all so close the nymph hath lac'd it
Not a charm of beauty's mould
Presues to stay where nature plac'd it
Oh my Nora's gown for me
That floats as wild as mountain breezes
Leaving every beaury free
To sink or swell, as heaven pleases
Yes, my Nora Creina, dear
My simple graceful Nora Creina
Nature's dress is loveliness
The dress you wear, my Nora Creina

Lesbia hath a wit refin'd
But, w hen its points are gleaming round us
Who can tell if they're design'd
To dazzle merely, or to wound us?
Pillow'd on my Nora's heart
In safer slumber love reposes
Bed of peace whose roughest part
Is but the crumpling of the roses
Oh my Nora Creina dear
My mild, my artless Nora Creina
Wit, tho' bright, hath not the light
That warms your eyes, my Nora Creina


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