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Mary's Tears


Oliver Shaw

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Mary's Tears
A favorite song from Moore's Sacred melodies
Composed by O. Shaw
Sung at the oratorio performed by the Handel & Haydn Society in Boston July 5th 1817 in presence of the President of the United States

Providence. Published and sold by the author 70 Westminster St.

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Were not the sinful Mary's tears
An off'ring worthy heav'n
An off'ring worthy heav'n
When o'er the faults of former years
She wept and was forgiv'n
She wept and was forgiv'n

When bringing every balmy sweet
Her day of luxury stored
She o'er her Saviour's hallowed feet
The precious perfume poured

And wip'd them with that golden hair
Where once the diamond shone
Though now those gems of grief were there
Which shine for God alone

Thou that hast slept in error's sleep
Oh! would'st thou wake in heaven
Like Mary kneel, like Mary weep
"Love much" and be forgiven


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