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We Met


Thomas H. Bayly

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We met!
A ballad from the Songs of the Boudoir
As sung by Miss Paton
Written and composed by Thomas H. Bayly, Esqr.

Boston. Published by C. Bradlee 107 Washington St.

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We met, 'twas in a crowd and I thought he would shun me
He came, I could not breathe for his eye was upon me
He spoke his words were cold and his smile was unaltered
I knew how much he felt for his deep ton'd voice faltered
I wore my bridal robe and I rivaled it's whiteness
Bright gems were in my hair how I hated their brightness
He call'd me by name as the bride of another
Oh! Thou has been the cause of this anguish, my Mother.

And once again, we met and a fair girl was near him
He smil'd and whisper'd low, as once I used to hear him
She leant upon his arm, once 'twas mine and mine only
I wept for I deserved to feel wretched and lonely
And she will be his bride! at the altar he'll give her
The love that was too pure, for a heartless deceiver
The world may think me gay, for my feelings I smother
Oh! Thou hast been the cause of this anguish, my Mother.


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