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Rest! Warrior Rest!
A ballad sung with great applause by Mr. Keene
Composed by M. Kelly

New York. Engraved, Printed & Sold by E. Riley 29 Chatham Street

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He comes from the Wars from the red Field of Fight
He comes 'thro the Storm and the darkness of night,
For rest and for refuge now fain to implore,
The Warrior bends low at the Cottager's door
Pale pale pale is his cheek there's a gash on his brow
His locks o'er his shoulders distractedly flow
And the fire of his hear shoots by fits from his eye
like a languishing lamp that just flashes to die
Rest! Warrior Rest Rest Warrior Rest

Sunk in silence and sleep in the Cottager's bed
Oblivion shall visit the war weary head
Perchance he may dream but the vision shall tell
Of his Lady Love's bower and her latest farewell
Oft his thought on the pinions of fancy shall roam
And in slumber revisit his Love and his home
Where the eyes of affection with tenderness gleam
Ah who would awake from so blissful a dream
Rest!Warrior Rest


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