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The Real Scotch Quadrilles
Composed at Edinburgh expressly to commemorate the visit of Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Victoria, to Scotland 1842 and most respectfully dedicated by permission to Her Grace the Duchels of Sutherland by Jullien

Notice to the Musical Public
As numerous humble Imitations of the above popular QUADRILLES have been circulated, M. Jullien, begs most respectfully to inform the PUBLIC that the avove SET and the ROYAL HIGHLAND QUADRILLES, are the only SCOTCH QUADRILLES Written by him. The Subjects having been selected & the Quadrilles Composed upon the Spot to Commemorate the late Visit of HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA, to EDINBURGH, and that all other Copies but those bearing the names of his Publishers D'Almaine & Co. Soho Square are Spurious Piracies.

Pantalon, L'Ete, Pastorale, Trenise, Finale

London. Published by D'Almaine & Co. Soho Square

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