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Jerome H. Remick & Co. New York and Detroit; words by L.W. Heisler, music by J. Anton Dailey


1. Out in the still summers evening Into my heart comes a feeling of love that's true and undying; For you, sweetheart, I am sighing. Down by the stream where we wander'd Under the pale moonlight beaming, There's where I linger and dream of you Darling Dreaming. CHORUS: Dreaming, Dreaming of you sweetheart I am dreaming, Dreaming of days when you loved me best Dreaming of hours that have gone to rest, Dreaming, Dreaming Love's own sweet message I'm bringing, Years have not changed the old love still remains, Dreaming. 2. Years have gone by, still I love you Tho' there's another who won you out of my life you have drifted; Yet in my heart You still linger. Dreaming or waking I see you, I can forgive not forget you In life and death I'll await your return while I'm Dreaming

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