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Ham and Eggs


John Martin

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Ham and Eggs

Comic Mixed Quartette

By John Martin

Arranged by Fred K. Huffer

Chicago: Published by the Chart Music Publishing House (1920)

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[Verse 1]

When the boarders hear the dinner bell
And gather ‘round the table
They eat whatever they are served
As fast as they are able;
Roast beef, veal or corn-beef hash
Stewed prunes and a cup of tea,
Is the bill of fare at the boarding house
But here’s the bill for me.


HAM and eggs, there’s nothing in the world can beat,
They go to the spot when ever I long for something good to eat
The Dutchman loves his sauer kraut
And the Frenchman friend frog legs,
But when I’m hungry what I want it HAM and eggs.

[Verse 2]

When I take my girl to a swell café
And ask “what are you eating?
She answers “ Oysters and champagne”
Lord, how my heart starts beating;
I’ve just got one dollar bill
And I’m in an awful stew,
So I tell the waiter to bring us on
Some Ham and Eggs for two.


[Verse 3]

My mother-in-law was very sick
We tho’t that she was dying
And ev’ry body in the room
Excepting me was crying;
But she’s up and ‘round today
Strong as ever on her legs,
For they brought her back from the very race
With a dish of Ham and Eggs.


[Verse 4]

When I got married years ago
My wife was quite good looking,
But we were nearly starved because
She was no good at cooking,
So I bought some Ham and eggs
Put ‘em on the frying pan
From that day all my troubles ceased
And I’m a happy man.



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