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Al Johnson's big song hit- Grieving for you
By Joe Gibson, Joe Ribaud, and Joe Gold
New York: Leo Feist

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Not long ago I went away,
Left you alone to pine,
You went upon your way, dear,
And I went upon mine.
You said I would be sorry,
And I guess you were right. I’m always

Grieving for you when ever I’m blue,
(How you broke my heart, From the very start)
Grieving for you, that’s all that I do,
(Someday you’ll regret, How can I forget)
Just as you said, I’m sorry I can be, and I though you’re far away,
I need you more each day, no wonder I’m lonesome;
Now that you’ve gone, I’m trying to smile,
(But that’s hard to do, When I think of you)
Still I can see,
That after a while,
(When I want you dear, And you’re nowhere near)
Down in my heart I feel like I want to cry
Want to die, you know why,
‘Cause I’m grieving for you. you.

I never thought I cared for you,
Until you said “Good bye,”
Now ev’ry ray of sunshine,
Seems to vanish and die.
In my heart there’s a longing,
To come back bye and bye. I’m always



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