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Harmony Bay

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Harmony Bay, Novelty song
Words by J. Brandon Walsh
Music by Terry Sherman
Writers of "Here comes the whippoorwill","By the old wishing well" etc.
M. Witmark & Sons, New York.

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June night, moon is softly gleaming, smiling down on you and me,
Spoon light starts fond lovers dreaming, on the Bay of Harmony;
Listen dear, you don’t know what we’re missing, honey can’t you see,
It’s a lovely night for kissing, on the Bay of Harmony.

While we’re floating along, we’ll be singing a song on Harmony Bay,
On Harmony Bay,
While the moon shines above, we can spoon and make love
On Harmony Bay, on Harmony Bay,
While we’re drifting the stream, life will seem like a dream,
So merry and gay, so merry and gay,
In the evening by the moonlight,
On that wonderful, beautiful, dreamy, Harmony Bay.
While we’re Bay.

My Love, don’t you hear me crooning, crooning love’s sweet melody;
I love, thoughts of honey mooning, on the Bay of Harmony;
Cuddle close, old Mister Moon discovers, you love only me,
It’s a lovely night for lovers, on the Bay of Harmony.


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