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Has Anybody Seen my Corinne?
Words by Roger Graham, music by Lukie Johnson
Chicago (143 North Dearborn Street), IL, Roger Graham

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My girl ran away last night, I did my best to treat her right,
For no reason I can see I was crazy ‘bout her tho’t she was wild about me,
I’m so worried, ‘bout to cry, to think she left me and never said goodbye,
Heart broken and alone I want my baby to come home.

Has anybody seen my Corinne?
Oh, she’s a dream, ( She’s my baby doll)
Just like a Vampire,
She set my heart of fire I regret the day, the day that I was born,
‘Cause my lovin’ Corinna has gone, (She done me wrong)
If anybody sees my Corinne
No matter where Corinna may be,
Tell my Corinna to come right back to me. me.
(I want some lovin’, sweetie dear.)

Gee, but she was good and kind,
A girl like her is hard to find,
For her sweet smile you would fall
For the way she loved me, there’s nothing better that’s all,
Her eyes say, “I’ve got you, dear,”
I’d kissed her lips, then longed to linger near
To hold my babe once more and love her as I did before.



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