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He Comes Up Smiling

Words by Grant Clarke

Music By Charles Bayha

New York (Broadway at 47th St): Published by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co. (1915)

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[Verse 1]:

I’ve a gloomy brother who stayed home nights with mother,
He never bothered ‘bout the beautiful girls,
He was such a grouchy young kid
Staying home was all that he did.
But now you wouldn’t know him, ‘cause in a flat below him
A beautiful girlie has lately moved in,
He seems to be in right, he’s down there every night,
I always know where he’s been.


He comes up smiling,
I’m always wondering why,
He comes up smiling, and has that look in his eye,
He runs down stairs when she’s alone,
But just as soon as her mama gets home,
He comes up smiling, although it’s six flights of stairs,
He never seems to mind the climb,
He’s a very gloomy chappy, takes a lot to make him happy,
Still he comes up smiling all the time.

[Verse 2]:

One night, just in teasin’ I asked him what’s the reason,
You always come up with that wonderful smile,
He said they’re such comical folks
Her dad tells that funniest jokes.
Now her dad may be funny, but I’ll bet all my money,
That no joke could ever cure my brother’s frown,
It’s something else alright, ‘cause even on the night
Her daddy goes out of town.



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