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Her Shadow

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Her Shadow
Words and Music by Frederick R. Burton
Rearranged and Harmonized by Charles Wakefield Cadman

Published by White-Smith Music Publishing Co. (1918): Boston, New York, Chicago

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Paddle dipping soft lest she should take alarm,
Ah, hey-ah hey-ah . ho hey-ah hey-ah, ho,
Thus I go!
Somewhere along shore she is hiding,
She is shy to yielld to love's alluring charm,
Ah, hey-as hey-ah, ho, hey-ah hey-ah,
Love will win I know!
There is a shadow, swiftly stealing!
Should it be her own, soon I will win the race.
Ah, hey-ah hey-ah, ho, hey-ah hey-ah,
I think it is!
Will she but turn, herself revealing,
I will shout aloud whene'er I see her face,
Ah hey-ah hey-ah, ho, hey-ah hey-ah, ho!
There she is!


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