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His Buttons Are Marked U.S.
Words by Mary Norton Bradford music by Carrie Jacobs-Bond
Chicago (746 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago, [Ill.]) : C. Jacobs-Bond & Son

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My daddy’s all dressed up today,
He never looked so fine,
I thought, when I first looked at him,
My daddy wasn’t mine.
He’s got a dandy, fine new suit,
The old one was so old,
It’s brown, he wears an eagle, too,
I guess it must be gold.

But my daddy just belongs to my dear mother,
So my daddy just belongs to my dear mother,
And I guess the folks are blind who cannot see
That his buttons are marked “U.S.”,
And that spells “us,” I guess,
So he just belongs to mother dear and me.

My daddy’s sort o’ glad and sort
O’ sad I wonder why?
And ev’ry time she looks at him,
It makes my mother cry.
Who’s Uncle Sam?
My daddy says that he belongs to him,
But daddy’s joking, ‘cause I know
My uncle’s name is Jim.


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