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Honolulu, America Loves You
Music by Eddie Cox, Grant Clarke
Words by Jimmie V. Monaco

New York: Published by Leo. Feist

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[Verse 1]
Hawaii, what are you doin'?
You made this wonderful nation talk of you,
You, home of beautiful music o'er the ocean blue,
You made America happy,
And we're much obliged to you.

Oh, Honolulu, America loves you,
Oh, Honolulu,
We'er thanking you too,we do!
You've made our poorest of families
Dance to your beautiful melodies,
Our millionaires are playing Ukalele's too.
Your hula hula is very peculiar,
In cafes now a days, that's all they do,
Up in Boston where they eat those beans,
They know what Yacki Hula means,
Oh, Honolulu,
We've got to hand it to you
Oh, Honolulu

You made the Yankees delighted,
They dance and get all excited,
we'll all be talkin' Hawaii very soon,
You've got our orchestras playing morning, night and noon,
All that you hear them requesting,
Is a sweet Hawaiian tune.



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