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The Honeymoon Glide

Words by Joseph H. Mckeon

Music by W. Raymond Walker

New York: Harry Von Tilzer Music (1910)

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[Verse 1]

Wedding bells are chiming for a honeymoon,
If they don’t stop ringing I’ll go crazy soon
Dress up in your brand new go to meeting gown,
Hurry, lovey, then we’ll visit Parson Brown,
Decorate you face up with a loving smile,
Then we’ll do that Wedding March in ragtime style,
When they see us coming
Ev’ry body will be humming,
That ever loving honeymoon glide.


Oh, Oh, that honeymoon glide,
Ever loving honeymoon glide,
(My baby) Swing,
Cling right up to my side,
Slip that ring around your finger,
Honey don’t you dare to linger,
Oh, let those Wedding bells ring,
Lead the parson right to my side,
Lordy please begin it,
I can’t wait another minute,
For that ever loving honeymoon glide.

[Verse 2]

Honey did I hear you say you’re feeling queer,
I will cure your feelings in a minute dear,
Do you think that you will do some fainting soon
Doctor, doctor, lady needs a honey moon
Put me in an airship please I want to fly,
Kiss me honey love and I will tell you why,
Lord I’m getting dizzy better get that organ busy,
And play that loving honeymoon glide.



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