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New York: Published by C.M. Tremaine, No. 481 Broadway. Troy: Chas. W. Harris; Washington: John P. Ellis; Philadelphia: G. Andre & Co.; Buffalo: Penn & Remington; Chicago: Root & Cady


1. Once a noble youth and maiden, Woo'd and wed beside the shore;

And they dwelt within a cottage, That looked the ocean o'er;

And the fishing boat he daily rowed, Gave a scanty fare;

So he left his wife and children, A sailor's life to share.


And she waited long for his return, Across the waters blue;

And she mourned her Enoch Arden, Annie Arden, Annie true

2. She was faithful Annie Arden; And she waited long in vain;

Till they told her he had perished Far, far, across the main.

And she wed another kind and true; For love and pity said,

That the children must be cared for, Have clothing, and be fed.

3. From a lone and barren island, Where the sailor had been thrown,

He had wandered back all weary, To meet his wife, his own.

But they told him ere he reached his home, Another's love reigned there;

So he kept his coming secret, His Annie's grief to spare.

4. From the garden, in the evening, Where no one could see or hear,

Long he watched his darling Annie, And all his heart held dear.

But her smiles were shared with him who saw his infant playing there;

And his boy had grown so manly, His girl had grown so fair.

5. How his noble heart was yearning, There to clasp those forms again!

But he loved them still too fondly, To give their bosom pain.

With a broken heart he turned away He cared not now to live -

"Tell my Annie how I loved her - My life for her I give."

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