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Mlle. Parepa's songs
My Heart is O'er the Sea
O Many a Time I am Sad at Heart
Maggie's Secret
Words and Music by Claribel

New York. Published by Wm. A. Pond & Co. 547 Broadway

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Oh many a time I am sad at heart,
And I hav'nt a word to say,
And I keep from the lasses and lads apart
In the meadows a making hay
But Willie will bring me the first wild rose,
In my new sun bonnet to wear,
And Robin will wait at the keeper's gate
For he follows me everywhere.

Two summers ago when a brave ship sail'd
Far away to the golden west,
O nobody knew that my heart went too
For the secret I ne'er confessd
A mother took leave of her boy that day,
I could hear her sob and cry,
As I follow'd her back to the dreary home,
But never a word said I.

I say by his mother one Midsummer day,
And she look'd me thro' and thro'
As she spoke of her lad who was far away,
For she guess'd that I lov'd him too;
She turn'd to me fondly and whisper'd low,
I was worthy her sailor bou,
My foolish tears they began to flow,
Tho' my heart beat high for joy.

But I tell them they needn't come wooing to me,
For my heart, my heart is over the sea,
But I tell them they needn't come wooing to me,
For my heart , my hear is over the sea


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