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The House that Jack Built
Music by Jesse Winne
Words by Harold Robe

New York: Maurice Richmond Music Co. (145 West 45th St.)

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[Verse 1[
Jack had a girl sent from Heav'n above
Gee, Jack's a lucky boy.
Jack's built a house in the Town of Love.
Right near the Land of Joy.
It's only a cottage, and yet it seems
To Jack and his gal it's a Palace of dreams;
For Jack built it all with his great strong hands,
When Cupid had furnished the Plans.

The House that Jack built is cozy,
The House that Jack built is strong,
Each little dream room is rosy
And the whole house rings with song.
When Winter;s cold winds are blowing,
And when the fireplace is filled,
In it's warm and com'fy nook
They can Turn Life's Picture Book
In the House Jack built

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Jack has a way that is all his own
Gee, Jack's a wise young lad
Ne'er can a Gloom enter Jack's bright home,
Hearts there, are always glad.
It's only a cottage, but still'twill hold
A million of treasures you can't buy for gold;
So jack's little house,
Like a good staunch ship,
Will carry them safe thro' Life's trip.




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