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I ain't-en got-en no time to have the blues
words by Andrew B. Sterling
music by Harry Von Tilzer
New York : Harry von Tilzer Music Pub. Co.

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Ain't no use a sighing,
Ain't no use a crying,
Ain't no use a pleading you see because
I'm through I'm through with you,
And I'm on my way
Ain't no use moaning,
Ain't no use groaning,
Ain't no use a fighting with me,
Because I'm goin' away,
Yes I'm leaving today,
You hear me say,
No time to lose I had to choose, here comes my man,
So goodbye blues.

I ainen goten no time to have the blue-oo-oo-oos
No how I'se goten another daddy now sweet Papa
Oh Papa I'm in love I ainten goten no time for mournful new-oo-oo-oos
I never knew, never knew,
What a certain kind of lugadove could do, oh daddy,
When you throw your arms a round me oh daddy,
Ain't I awful glad you found me,
When you start to love you sure know howm
I vow right now, I ainten goten no time to have the blue-oo-oo-oos today
I'm just goin' to live and love my life away,
Sweet Papa I'll say.
I Papa I'll say. day! day!

Ain't nouse a grieving,
You know why I'm leaving,
Couln't live on one kiss a day
I want that love I'm dreaming of,
My dreams comin' true
Ain't no use scolding,
Ain't no use a holding,
Ain't no chance a makin' me stay,
My love is not for you,
You're an icicle too,
You make me blue,
No time to sigh I had to cry, here comes my man,
I'll say goodbye.



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