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Hot Lips

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Hot Lips

(A Blue Fox Trot Song)

Words and Music by

Henry Busse, Henry Lange, and Lou Davis

New York: Leo. Feist Inc. (1922)

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[Verse 1]

There’s a boy that’s in our band
And how he blows that horn,
Finest since you’re born,
When he starts you’re gone,
They all call him “Hot Lips” for
He blows real red-hot notes,
And ev’rybody on the floor just floats:
(that’s what they say:)


He’s got hot lips
When he plays jazz,
He draws out steps,
Like no one has,
You’re on your toes,
And shake your shoes,
Boy, how he goes
When he plays Blues,
I watch that crowd
Until he’s through,
He can be proud
They’re “cuckoo”, too,
His music’s rare Y
ou must declare,
They boy is there
With two hot lips.
He’s got hot lips.

[Verse 2]

Heard him play the other night
And old man Oscar Clive
Who is eighty-five
Sure as you’re alive,
Got so frisky when he started out to do his stuff,
Was told to sit right down for being rough:
(and then he said:)



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