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Gena Branscombe

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I bring you heartsease song
with piano forte accompaniment
By Gena Branscombe
The Artur P. Schmidt Co. Boston, 120 Boylston St.

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I bring you heartsease and roses,
I bring you hyacinths rare I bring you lies and sweet mignonette,
And laurel to weave in your hair.
For love is sweetest in spring time,
And flowers to lovers belong,
But ah, my dearest, our love will live
When the spring time flowers are gone.

I bring you flowers of mem’ry,
I bring you sadness and tears.
I bring you tenderness deeper than words
Thro’ all the wonderful years.
For life cannot hold all our loving,
And twilight is sweeter than dawn;
And the love that is best is the love that has lived
When the spring time of youth has gone.



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