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Anita Owen

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I Cannot Bear to Say Goodbye

Words & Music by Anita Owen

New York: Waterson Berlin & Snyder Co. (1918)

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[Verse 1]

There’s no use crying,
There’s no use sighing,
There’s no use feeling bad;
I hate to leave you,
I hate to grieve you,
I hate to see you sad.
I want your laughter,
Though tears come after,
I want to see you smile;
For I’m going to miss you,
Just let me kiss you,
‘Twill comfort me awhile.


I cannot bear to say goodbye,
I cannot bear to see you cry,
For I am going “over there” because I want to do my share,
I’ll keep your image in my heart,
And pray we’ll meet to never part,
Though duty calls and fate says love must wait,
I cannot bear to say goodbye.

[Verse 2]

When you are dreaming,
While stars are gleaming,
Though I am far away;
I’ll go on praying,
I’ll go on saying,
“I will return some day.”
Though duty calls me,
What e’er befalls me,
My heart belongs to you;
So just try to be cheerful,
And don’t be fearful,
The clouds are lined with blue.



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