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I Love the Night the Stilly Night

Song and Chorus written by Louis Beyersdorf

Music by W.E. Chandler

Boston: G.D. Russell & Co. (1868)

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[Verse 1]
I love the night, the stilly night,
For at that lonely hour
Sweet thought of thee steal over me,
As if with magic power;
‘Tis then, when thou, perchance, art gay,
And loving friends are nigh
I silent weep, and oft repeat
Thy mem’ries with a sigh.


I love the night, the stilly night,
For oh! ‘tis dear to me
In balmy sleep thy form I meet
And wander oft with thee.

[Verse 2]

I love the night, the stilly night,
For when the stars are shining
Fond visions start into my heart,
That oft for thee is pining;
And when my soul is lulled in rest,
‘Tis then thou com’st to me,
And in my sleep I have such sweet
And blissful dreams of thee.




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