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[Verse 1]
Ev'ry body ev'ry body listen to me,
I'm a silly daffy dilly that you can see,
I just met the girl,
Can't forget the girl she's a cutey tuti fruti beautiful pearl,
Darling creature ev'ry feature you understand,
eyes and nose and class and clothes and everything grand,
Take her all in all,
I just had to fall strike up that beautiful band.

I love her
Oh! oh! oh!
And could I live without her
No! no! no!
There's something nice about her you ought to see,
You ought to see,
Ev'ry move she makes is like a picture to me,
I love her oh! oh! oh!
And could I love another no! no! no!
i'd leave my home and mother
I want to fly don't ask me why
I love her
Oh! oh! oh!

[Verse 2]
Oh the baby darling baby if she but knew,
how I'd like to how I'd like to prove that I'd do,
Words cannot express,
You can only guess all my life without a wife if she don't say yes,
House and lot a spot I've got it's down on the shore,
Take it all it's very small I should give her more,
Wonder what she's do
If she only knew all night I'm walking the floor.




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