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I'd love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy's arms
words by Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young
music by Fred E. Ahlert
Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co. New York.

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Ev'ry time a mammy sings a lulabye
In my heart there's a big lump o' lead,
When they croon, "go to bed, curly head."
For ev'ry note reminds me,
Of a bye-gone day;
You've got your mammy, but mine is miles away.

I'd love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy's arms,
Just to feel her kissin' me,
What a wonderful dream that would be!
Mammy, mammy, with your lulla byes;
Wake your baby;
Open up my eyes.
'Most ev'ry night thru fields of white,
I wander'way back home,
And in those dreams my lonely heart keeps cryin';
"Hold me mamy, fold me mammy, with your tender charms;"
I'd love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy's arms.

When I'm wrapped in slumber, I can hear this tune;
"Hush a bye, hush a bye, baby mine,
Till the sun, honey one, starts to shine."
The teardrops on my pillow,
Tell me ev'ry morn;
My lov-in' mammy, was with me but she's gone.



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