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I'll be there, laddie boy, I'll be there
lyric by Jack Frost
music by E. Clinton Keithley
Frank K. Root & Co. Chicago. New York.

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Over the sea and far from me,
You're sailing, my soldier lad;
But someone will yearn for your return,
one who gave all she had.
And while you are fighting, the world's wrongs you're righting,
Remember, while over the foam,
In your dreams I'll be always near you,
When you dream of the one back home.

I'll be there when the bugle's calling,
I'll be there in the camp fire's gleam;
I'll be there with a smile just to cheer you,
Ev'ry day thro' the fray I'll be near you.
When your comrades around are falling,
Then your mother will answer your pray'r;
And if fighting you fall, and the Master should call,
I'll be there, laddie boy, I'll be there. I'll be there.

over the sea and back to me,
in dreams you're turning home,
And still I am near to calm each fear,
No matter where you roam.
It's only a dream, dear, but still it would seem, dear,
I'm near you by night and by day;
I'll be there thro' the long night watches,
tho' you think I am far away.


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