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I'll Forget You, song
lyric by Annelu Burns music by Ernest R. Ball
New York : M. Witmark & Sons

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Tho' you have said "forget me,"
Tho' you have said "goodbye;"
You taught me love's deep meaning,
And love can never die.
Still in my dreams it always seems
We'll meet when clouds roll by.

I'll forget you when I can live without the sunshine,
I'll forget you when I can live without the rain,
When Summer roses forget their fragrance
And the song bird his sweet refrain.
I'll forget you when all the silver of the moonlight
Fades forever
And ne'er will bring love's dream again;
When heaven's gladness has turned to sadness
I'll try to forget you in vain.

From all the world I chose you,
Heart of my heart to be,
Now you have left me sighing,
Tossing on love's great sea.
i pray love's star that gleams afar,
May guide you back to me.


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