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Till the sands of the desert grow cold
I'll change the shadows to sunshine, ballad
words by Geo. Graff jr.
music by Ernest R. Ball
M. Witmark & Sons. New York, NY.

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Is that a tear in your eye, dear?
Is that a sigh I hear?
Why be so sad and so lonesome
When there is someone so near?
Let me but share in your sadness,
Always be near when you’re blue,
I’ll change the sadness to gladness
I’ll take the shadows from you.

I’ll change the shadows to sunshine,
I’ll kiss the tears away,
I’ll change the snows of December,
Into the flow’rs of May.
I’ll change the sighing to smiling,
And all the long years thru
I’ll change the shadows to sunshine,
Sweetheart, for I love you.

If you’ll just say that you love me,
Sunshine will creep in your heart.
We’ll make life only a story
And love shall play the big part
I’ll build a garden of Roses,
And if the storms come some day,
I’ll hold you close in my arms, dear,
Till all the clouds pass away.



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