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Songs from Edward Harrigan's comic play entitled:"The Mulligan Guards' Surprise."
No. 1. I'll wear the trousers, oh!
words by Edward Harrigan. music by David Braham.
New York: WM. A. Pond & Co., 25 Union Square.

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Oh, years ago, in sweet Mayo,
I married sweet Cordelia;
A happy wife, and a happy life, our marriage was no failure.
When we were wed, these words I said:
Oh, take my houses, oh!
But bear in mind, ye’ll all ways find,
I’ll wear the trousers, oh!

We sail’d away to America,
My troubles did begin, sir;
Relations fine, all in a line,
To my house they were let in sir.
She welcomed them like gentlemen,
I could not tell them to go;
From that day out you’d hear her shout:
She’d wear the trousers, oh!

Her cousin Mat and her Uncle Pat,
They wore out my new braces,
Her Aunty Nan and her Nephew Dan,
They kept me in their traces;
Her Granny dear, so full of beer,
At night carouses, oh!
When I complain my wife exclaim:
She’d wear the trousers, oh!

My spir it up not a bite or sup,
I’ll never eat or drink, sir,
My wife and me must master be,
To night I’ll know my fate, sir.
I’ll take a fall out of them all,
My blood arouses, oh!
Home rule for me, my wife shall see,
I’ll wear the trousers, oh!

I’ll wear the trousers, trousers, oh!
I’ll wear the trousers, oh!
So ev’ry man do all ye can to wear the trousers, oh!


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