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I'm a Lonesome Melody
Music by George W. Meyer
Words by Joe Young

New York: Published by Kalmar & Puck Music Co. (152 West 45th St.0

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[Verse 1]
Last night when I came home
Down hearted and a lone
Trying to keep a way the tears
I took the songs of bygone years
I played most ev'ry one
When I was nearly done
One melody I tried to play
This melody just seemed to say.

I'm a lonesome melody
I want to be,
With company
For many years I've laid around and now
That I've been found I wish
You'd let this lonesome melody have liberty
Run me up and down the keys
My harmonies
Are sure to please
Don't let me lay around in all this dust,
Syncopate me if you must
I'm a lonesome melody.

[Verse 2]
Poor lonesome melody
You have my sympathy
Tho' I have troubles of my own
I hate to see you here alone
I'll make a friend of you
Now while I'm sad and blue
We'll cheer each other when I play
No more I hope to hear you say.


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