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K. Louis Irwin

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I'm just a happy-go-lucky guy
words and music by K. Louis Irwin.
Published by The Dudley Publishing Co. 228 Tremont St. Boston, Mass.

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Day by day, up on my way, along thro' life I roam,
I hang my hat where I happen to be at and I call myself at home;
For I'm just a gent on pleasure bent,
never yet content till my coin's all spent;
Ever happy, never snappy,
As I wander daily yonder thro' this world alone.

I'm just a happy go lucky guy,
Not a care in the world have I;
Trouble never troubles me,
For I don't let it don't you see,
So you can bet I'm a live guy yet,
For that's why that I get by;
Some folks are ready to sigh and cry at each little thing that goes awry;
It would crack their face a mile,
If they should ever crack a smile,
So, don't you see I'm glad to be just a happy go lucky guy.

I am single and don't mingle in "Societee,"
An old T. D. and a shady apple tree are just luxury to me;
For I must declare I could not bear
Half the mental care a millionaire;
There's no knowing where we're going,
Still here's betting I'm not fretting what the end will be.



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