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I'm hitting the trail to Normandy, so kiss me good-bye
words & music by Chas. A. Snyder.
Published by the Snyder Music Co. New York.
McKinley Music Co. exclusive selling agents. Chicago.

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Come, dear, kiss your boy goodbye,
Look me in the eye, promise you’ll not cry
Keep love’s fires burning bright,
For Uncle Sam will see that things come right.
If I know you are brave, I’ll beat the foe,
So just smile and kiss me, honey, ere I go.

For I’m hitting the trail to Normandy,
So kiss me goodbye;
When we’ve carried the flag to victory,
Then back to your arms I’ll fly.
So just smile all the while when I’m over the sea,
And, honey, keep your love and kisses waiting for me;
For I’m hitting the trail to Normandy,
So kiss me goodbye. For I’m bye.

Sweet heart, I will miss you so
When away I go off to meet the foe
In dreams I will be with you,
In spirit I will cross the ocean blue;
For your smile will spur me like the flag unfurled,
Just one kiss from you and I can free the world.



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