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Introduced by Miss Mindell Kingston of Wold & Kingston
I'm looking for a nice young fellow who is looking for a nice young girl
Lyric by Jeff. T. Branen music by S.R. Henry
New York (102-104 W. 38th St., New York) : Jos. W. Stern & Co.

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Really, I think there's something ailing me,
I'm weary, my appetite is failing me,
There's something wring,
Oh, it's the same old song;
Pining for something I know nothing of,
I'm pining for someone I could learn to love,
Oh can't you see, I'm just as lonesome as I can be.

I'm looking for a nice young fellow,
Who is looking for a nice young girl,
Well I've never had a beau, but I'm wise enough to know
Just how to keep a fellow on the go, go, go;
The ring wont have to be a "Tiffany" diamond,
to tell the truth I'd rather have a pearl,
I'm looking for a nice young fellow,
Who is looking for a nice young girl. I'm girl.

I called on Doctor Brown the other night,
Says, I, "Doc my heart is not behaving right,"
He shook his head,
And smiled and said; "You need no medicine to muddle you,
But you need a pair of arms to cuddle you,
Now I can see, You're just as lonesome as you can be."



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