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John Barnett

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Why Do I Weep
Words by Mrs. Hemans
Music by John Barnett

New York. Published by Firth & Hall 1 Franklin Sq.

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Why do I weep, to leave the vine,
Whose clusters o'er me bend;
The myrtle yet oh call it mine,
The flow'rs I lov'd to ten;
A thousand thoughts of all things dear
Like shadows o'er me sweep,
I leave my sunny childhood here
Oh! therefore let me weep!
let me weep, let me weep,
Oh! therefore let me weep.
I leave thee, Sister, we have play'd
Thro' many a joyous hour,
Where the sil'vry green of the olive shade,
Hung dim o'er fount and bow'r;
Yes thou and I by stream, by shore;
In song in pray'r, in sleep,
Have been as we may be no more
Kind Sister, let me weep!
Let me weep, let me weep,
Kind Sister let me weep.
Mother I leave thee! on thy breast,
Pouring out joy and woe,
I have found that holy place of rest,
Still changeless yet I go!
Lips that have lull'd me with your strain
Eyes that have watch'd my sleep,
Will Earth give love like yours again.
Sweet Mother, let me weep!
let me weep, let me weep,
Sweet Mother, let me weep!



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