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J. P. Knight

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Of What is the Old Man Thinking?
Ballad. Sung with the most enthusiastic success by Mr. Parry, junr. at the London & Provincial concerts
The poetry by Thomas Haynes Bayly
The music composed by J.P. Knight.

New York. Published by Firth & Hall 1 Franklin Square

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Of what is the old man thinking
As he leans on his oaken staff
From the May-day pastime shrinking
he shares not the merry laugh
But the tears of the old man flow
As he looks on the young and gay:
And his gray head moving slow
keeps time to the air they play
The elder around are drinking
But not one cup will he quaff
Oh of what is the old man thinking
As he leans on his oaken staff.
'Tis not with a vain repiniing
That the old man sheds a tear
Tis not for his strength declining
He sighs not to linger here
There's a spell in the air they play
And the old man's eyes are dim
For it calls up a past May-day
And the dear friends lost to him
From the scene before him shrinking
From the dance and the merry laugh,
Of their calm repose he is thinking
As he leans on his oaken staff.



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