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In a lonely cabin, on a lonely road
(In a lonely part of Tennessee)
words by Geo. A. Norton, music by S.R. Henry
New York : Jos W. Stern & Co.

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Mem'ry takes me to a stream that flows,
Thro' the hills of the Tennessee.
Once again I see the blushing Rose,
Who gave her love to me;
Her hair was fragrant with the breath of June,
her heart sang happily its first glad tune,
her lips said, "Yes," beneath the Southern moon
And it's there I long to be.

In a lonely cabin on a lonely road,
In a lonely part of Tennessee,
Where a lonely girlie with a lonely heart is waiting patiently;
There's a lonely bench , beneath a lonely tree,
There's a light in the window just to welcome me,
In a lonely cabin on a lonely road,
In a lonely part of Tennessee.

Days are deary and the nights are long,
Since I left my flower fair.
Birds are weary of their mating song,
There's no joy anywhere;
i miss the droning of the honey bees,
I miss the moaning of the Summer trees,
I miss the sighing of the Southern breeze,
Cause my heart is 'way back there.



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