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Fifth Edition.
I'm only sixteen
sung by Miss Miriam G. Goodenow of the Alleghanians
written & composed by J. H. Hewitt ; guitar
New York: Published by Firth, Pond & Co. Franklin Square.

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I'm only sixteen, 'tis a nice little age,
I would not be younger or older,
Already I've conn'd over
Love's mystic page,
And warm'd when I should have grown colder.
I would like to be married,
But wedlock, they say,
Has troubles which I've never seen,
So, I'd rather not barter my freedom away,
For I've only just enter'd sixteen.

I hate an old maid yet I don't wish to wed
Until I have jilted my dozens;
And the beaux who had been by my glances misled,
I'd give to my young country cousins.
Make hay while the sun shines, so wisely they say,
Mine's bright, and my pasture is green;
I'll think of November though blooming in May,
For I've only just enterd sixteen.

I've done with young fops they are playthings at best,
And please while around you they flutter;
The schoolgirls are getting to be quite a pest,
And I warmly detest bread and butter.
I can smile on a man if he's not quite too old,
Has whiskers is noble in mien;
And i would not object to the music of gold,
For I've only just enter'd sixteen.


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