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In Memory Land with You
Music by Cass Freeborn
Lyric by Raymond A. Browne

New York: Smith & Browne Inc. Music Publishers (124 W. 45th St.)

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[Verse 1]
Across the fields the birds are homeward flying;
The first soft breeze of eventide is here;
The sun, in crimson glory, fast is dying;
And distant village bells ring softly clear.
Alone am I, among the brook of silver hue,
And yet it is the happiest of hours
Because I am in Mem'ry Land with you.

In Memory Land with you, Dearest,
Just like a dream but more real;
In Memory Land with you, Dearest,
As our souls their secrets reveal;
it is years since we parted in sadness;
The flow'r of our love never grew;
But many an hour of gladness,
I spend in Mem'ry Land with you.

[Verse 2]
In Mem'ry Land I call back all the blisses
That once were mine, when you and I were one;
In Mem'ry Land I call back all the kisses,
And each sweet word, for bells ring softly clear.
in dreams, you never, never to cheer me;
In dreams, we never wander, hand in hand,
But I can always, always have you near me,
To thrill my lonely hear in Mem'ry Land.


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