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J. Long

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The Old Church Clock
Written by Leigh Cliff Esq
Music composed & respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Augusta Merwin
by J. Long

Boston. Published by Oliver Ditson 135 Washington St.

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Hark! hark! the old church clock, with its bell and its chime,
Loves to mark how swift travel the feet of time;
It counteth the minutes, it telleth the hours,
As spring marks its seasons by blossoms and flowers;
Oh! dear are the chimes of that old clock to me,
They float like soft music o'er memory's sea;
I knew not a pain, shed in sorrow no tear,
When those chimes first in melody smote on mine ear
When those chimes first in melody smote on mine ear.

By that old clock I've counted, how years passed on,
How youth lost its brightness, How friendships have gone;
By its chimes I have measured how life's joys flew,
That time brushed away as the sun sips the dew.
O! they bounded along like an atom at play,
With the young summer wind that is fanning the day,
Like a dream of the morning they've faded they're gone
But the chimes of that old clock play merrily on
But the chimes of that old clock play merrily on.

Hark! the bell strikes twelve, and the tide of time
Is marked by the merriest peal of the chime!
It is sweet in the moment of joy to hear;
But it mocketh- it mocketh the mourner's ear.
The chimes have mocked mine, but I love them still,
Let them make merry with so as they will,
For they send o'er the mind of the watcher a ray
Of joy, as they welcome the new born day!



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