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The Pilot
A ballad written by Thomas Haynes Bayly Esqr.
Composed by S. Nelson.

New York. Published by Hewitt 137 Broadway

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Oh Pilot! 'tis a fearful night,
There's a danger on the deep,
I'll come and pace the deck with thee,
I do not dare to sleep.
Go down! the sailor cried, go down
This is no place for thee;
Fear not! but trust in Providence,
Where ever thou may'st be.

verse 2d
Ah! Pilot, dangers often met
We all are apt to slight,
And thou hast known these raging waves
But to subdue their might:
It is not apathy, he cried,
That gives strength to me;
Fear not! but trust in Providence,
Wherever thou may'st be.

On such a night the sea engulph'd
My Father's lifeless form;
My only brother's boat went down
In just so wild a storm
And such, perhaps, may be my fate,
But still I say to thee
Fear not! but trust in Providence,
Wherever thou may'st be



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