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G. Barker

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Sweet is the Smile of My Mary
Song composed by G. Barker

Boston. Published by Oliver Ditson 115 Washington St.

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Do ye know where I first saw my Mary,
The saucy eyed rosy cheek fairy,
With her long silken hair, And her bosom so fair,
And a smile of that smile be ye wary.

On her head was that dear Gypsy bonnet,
With a blue bell and lily upon it,
But scarce were they seen for the laughing eyes sheen,
And the lovely sweet eyes of my Mary.

Oh see you yon mossy stile there,
Oh I first saw her gentle smile there,
Oh twas that sweet smile did my bosom beguile,
For sweet is the smile of my Mary.

Ever dear shall that mossy old stile be,
For its mem'ries will often beguile me.
I know she'll be true, or I sadly might rue,
That stile and the smile of my Mary.


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