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U. C. Hill

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Second Edition
The Sister's Call
A Sacred Song by Revd. R. Brown ; composed & arranged by U.C. Hill

New York. Firth & Hall, 1 Franklin Square

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A voice from the spirit land,
A voice from the silent tomb,
Entreats with a sweet command
Brother come home
List! List! 'Tis a sister gone;
Unseen yet where e'er I roam,
She calls from her starlit throne
Brother(s) come home! Brother(s) come home!

At eve, when the crimson west,
Is dye'd by the setting sun,
She calls like a spirit blest,
Brother come Home!
Abroad in the stilly night,
A stranger, and all alone,
I hear through the misty light
Brother come home!

In dreams of the midnight deep,
When angels of mercy come
I startle to hear in sleep!
Brother come Home!
When far from my fathers hearth,
I sail o'er the white sea foam,
I hear through the storm winds mirth,
Brother come home!

By sorrow and sin oppressd,
She answers to every moan,
'Come here where the weary rest'.
Brother come Home!
Ah! Loved one, I haste to thee,
Soon, soon, shall I reach thy home;
And there wilt thou welcome me,
'I come, I come.'



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