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George Linley

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I've Left the Snow Clad Hills
by George Linley

Boston: Published by Oliver Ditson & Co. (277 Washington St.)

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I've left the snow-clad hill,
Where my father's hut doth stand,
my own, my dear Dalkarlia,
For a stranger land.
I'm but a poor young girl,
In my simple peasant guise;
Unskull'd in all the arts and wiles,
That wordlings prize;
I trill my mountain lay,
Ev'ry where I chance to roam;
Oh! sweet the song to me,
For it takes me back to home,
No place can ever be to me,
Like that dear home.
My own, sweet home!
My own beloved home!

Beside those snow-clad hills;
Where my father's hut doth stand,
Dwell one, to whom I'm plighted
To bestow my hand.
But not without a heart,
Words I pledge with word or vow,
And I've no heart to give him,
For he has it now.
Taht youth he is so noble,
That youth he is so brave,
Oh! sooner than desert him,
I'd lay me in my grave.
No Wonder I am pining, then
For home again.
My own, sweet home!
My own, beloved home.



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