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Pray Papa


P. K. Moran

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Pray Papa
As sung at the fashionable private parties
Adapted to Le boulanger with symphonies and an accompaniment for the piano forte by P.K. Moran

New York. Published by Firth & Hall 1 Franklin Square

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Pray papa pray papa stay a little longer
pray papa pray papa do not go so soon
Come come my dear no nonsense
You've danc'd enough in conscience,
So call that powder'd fellow in,
And make him bring your Pelerine,
You know I gave you warning,
I cannot stay till morning
Pray papa pray papa, stay a little longer,
pray papa, pray papa, do not go so soon.

Your partner must excuse you,
T'won't break his heart to lose you,
And if you'll be loss to him,
So pray go bid him good night,
You must be home by dayligh.
Pray papa &c.

The horses they are old ones,
The nights are very cold ones,
The coachman he is drunken,
You know the road is sunk in,
I'm sure the coach is calling,
And here they've brought your shawl in.
Pray papa &c.

This comes of dissipation,
Do have some moderation,
If you are so importunate,
You'll never make your fortune at
These balls, and jigs, and races,
No matter what your face is.
Pray papa &c.

Your grand papa is gouty,
He cannot do without you,
He takes theEau madecinale,
Not fit we should missing all,
You family is regular,
Indeed, child, I must beg you'll hear.
Pray papa &c.

Indeed papa, so kind you've been,
To keep you longer were a sin,
The fiddlers they are half asleep,
And now the day begins to peep,
And after dancing all the night,
By daylight I'll look like a fright,
So pray papa, pray papa, don't stay a moment longer,
Pray papa, pray papa, let us haste away.



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