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Second edition
"Our Way Across the Sea"
Adapted to the favorite air La Swissesse [sic] au bord du lac arranged for one or two voices & dedicated to Miss Olivia Donaldson

Baltimore. Published by J. Cole & Son

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Home, fare thee well! The oceans storm is o'er;
The weary pen non woos the seaward wind;
Fast speeds the bark, And now the less'ning shore
Sinks in the wave, with those we leave behind.
Fare, fare thee well! Land of the free;
No tongue can tell, the love I bear to thee.
Fare, fare thee well! Land of the free;
No tongue can tell the love I bear to thee.

We wreath no bowl to drink a gay good bye,
For tears would fall unbidden in the wine;
And while reflected was the mournful eye,
The sparkling surface e'en would cease to shine.
Then fare, fare well; Once more, once more,
The oceans swell Now hides my native shore.

See where yon star its Diamond light displays,
Now seen, now hid behind the swelling sail,
Hope rides in gladness on its streaming rays,
And bids us on, and bribes the fav'ring gale.
Then hope, we bend in joy to thee;
And careless wend our way across the sea.



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