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Frank Wilder

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I’ve Struck Ile”

Words & Music by Frank Wilder

Boston: Olver Ditson & Co. (1865)

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[Verse 1]

Down in Pennsylvania,
There is plenty Oil they say
Petroleum! Petroleum!
We must all have some!
The “oily fever” don’t you see?
Infects most every “live Yankee.”
From North, from East and West they come
For Petroleum Oil!


Oil! Oil! Oil!
O Petroleum!
Oil! Oil! Oil!

[Verse 2]

“Pick up traps and come along,”
We will “pump it” long and strong,
And fill our barrels to the top,
Hurry up! Don’t stop!
They say all round where you may go,
Just give a “tap” and oil will flow
Abundance of it may be found
Under, under ground!


[Verse 3]

Speculation’s all the go,
With rich and poor, both high and low,
And ev’ry body’s in a “boil”
For some Petroleum Oil!
Love for “gold” will long increase,
We hear of “raids” and talk of Peace,
But best of all, its worth your while
To come where “I’ve struck ile.”




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