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I Want To Linger

Words by Stanley Murphy

Music by Henry I. Marshall

New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co.(1914)

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[Verse 1]

Moon am shinin’ Lou,
My heart;s pinin’ too,
Pinin’ just for you,
Pinin’ just for you my little Lou,
‘Couse you’re so true that you have
Won my heart away with your winin’ way, Can’t you hear me sigh,
When it’s time for us to say goodbye.


I want to linger,
A little longer,
A little longer Lou,
See that moon a shinin’ up above,
There’s no time like this for making love
I love your lovin’,
Your lovely lovin’,
I hate a leavin’ you,
Let, me linger just a little
Little longer with you,
Little longer with you.

[Verse 2]

Spring am comin’ soon,
Flow’rs will be in bloom,
And the mellow moon, shinin’ out in June,
Will hear us croon a lovein’ tune,
And then we’ll Stroll thro’ lover’s lane, near the sugar cane,
To a cabin new,
That I been a builin’ just for you.



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