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Victor Herbert

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I Wish I Was an Island in an Ocean of Girls

Lyric by Henry Blossom

Music by Victor Herbert

New York: M. Whitman & Sons (1915)

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[Verse 1]

I don’t know where the charm is
I don’t know what that harm is
But women are the burden of my story!
They seem to bore me never,
I think about them ever
I dwell upon the subject “Con amore!”
A little blonde, a big brunette,
A stately dame,
A gray soubrette:
I wish not one of them could live without me!
I’ve often thought I’d love to be
An island in an open sea,
With myriads of girlie girls about me!


I wish I was an island in an ocean of girls,
Surrounded by them far as I could see!
And like the little waves at play,
That kiss the shore then run away,
So I should like to have them play with me.
Just one and then another comes a slipping along!
All creamy white, with in your arms she curl;s;
As with one sudden, fond embrace,
She splashes kisses on your face!
Oh, for an island, what a place!
An ocean full of girls!

[Verse 2]

Now, how the girls are dressing,
It keeps a fellow guessing!
You couldn’t tell the things that you have shown you!
By golly, but they’re daring,
The clothes they are not wearing,
I wonder that they all ain’t got pneumonia!
But where I love the best to be
Is on the shore beside the sea.
In summer!
There I find the most distractions!
The pretty little bathing girls,
With wavy hair and teeths of pearls,
And coral lips and such marine attractions!




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