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It Came with the Merry May, Love
Music by F. Paolo Tosti
Whyte Melville

New York: G. Schirmer

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It came with the merry May, love,
It bloom'd with the summer prime,
In a drying year's decay, love,
it brighten's the fading time;
I thought it would last for a life, love,
But it went the winter snow,
Only a year ago, love,
Only a year ago!
Only a year ago!
Twas a plant with a deeper root, love,
Than the blighting eastern three,
For it grew in my heart, and the fruit , love,
Was butter and baneful to me;
The poison is yet in my brain, love,
The thorn in my breast, for you know,
'Twas only a year ago, love,
Only a year ago!
Only a year ago!
It never can bloom any more, love,
For the plough hath pass'd over the spot;
And the furrow hath left its score, love, In the place where the flowers are not:
'Tis gone like a tale that is told, love,
Like a dream it hath fleeted, altho' 'twas only a year ago love,
Only a year ago,
'Twas only a year ago, love,
Only a year ago!



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